I began a PhD in mathematical physics at the IRMAR (Rennes, France) under the supervision of Dimitri Petritis in October 2021. My work explores a set of different approaches for quantum gravity based on the discretization of spacetime at the Planck scale, attempting to make the geometry emerge from its causal structure only. This idea is in particular supported by a deep result in Lorentzian geometry, the Hawking – King – McCarthy – Malament theorem.

However, before tackling the specific problems of quantum gravity, I consider essential to shed light on the disappearance of quantum effects at macroscopic scales and on the emergence of classicality. I therefore also work on the measurement problem, the theory of decoherence, and the mathematical and philosophical foundations of quantum mechanics.

You can contact me at antoine.soulas'at'univ-rennes1.fr. My office is the 202 at the IRMAR :
Campus de Beaulieu, bâtiments 22 et 23
263 avenue du Général Leclerc, CS 74205
35042 RENNES Cedex